Top 5 Software Create Video Marketing 2016

Top 5 Software Create Video Marketing 2016


What is Video marketing?

As video, showing the messages concise and understandable to any idea, a product or a certain service. Video marketing can play an important role in a viral campaign. Video Marketing can be spread through most online channels including email, blogs, social networking on all platforms (Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, PC, …) so it is very loved.

Video marketing is also a great marketing tool.

Look what Dumb Ways to Die has done so impressive that it actually looks like. After only 4 months of launch, the campaign has spread in 28 countries and reach more than 3 million share on Facebook, Twitter share 100,000, 2,000 blog posts. Particularly in the first week after launch, video communication for this campaign has attracted 15 million views

Create excitement for viewers.

Maybe you do not know, but the fact that a person can memorize up to 50% when viewing information instead of just 10% when listening.

Decisive impact on the viewer.

Therefore the use of video marketing helps customers remember you more and more. This means huge before each selection in purchasing decisions of customers because we tend to believe what was said before. Ease into the “fever” and is spread quickly The flashmob movement, Gangnam Style, … is the most typical example for the strength of the video spread. Video marketing is also based on the advantages of the online sharing capabilities (YouTube, Vimeo, social networks …) and the popularity of mobile devices (Smart Phone, Tablet, …) to create a “craze” in the community of Internet users which is the object most potential customers today.

However to create quality video requires more skill to use the software, painting .. And  hire one person creates video marketing is not cheap. You are just a small business, you just do private or simply you are doing affiliate marketing for a certain product. And you want to increase sales by using video marketing ..So how should you do ?
Fortunately, because I have some solutions for you. It is used as professional video software. Do not need specialized skills, without having to spend a large expense you can create compelling videos and wading viewers Below are the top 5 software makes video that I encourage you to use

Jumbo Video Blowout V.2 is a premium product and is packaged with unique new contents that will stand up across many other video toolkits on the market. We have put together a jumbo collection of ultra-creative new contents such as brand new PowerPoint video templates that cover high demand niches, creative animated slides plus many other impressive video assets will definitely impress your buyers making them can’t wait to find the buy button!


  • Video Explainer Kit It is the most incredible solution for your subscriber video explainer problem.
  • Over 500 brand new SVG files for illustration that have never been published before.
  • So many categories of SVG files that you definitely would want your video to have!
  • Amazing drawing with fully emotional illustration!
  • As a universal video assets, VideoExplainerKit isfully compatible with every video editor in use
  • All the illustrations are describing specific emotions. So Video Explainer Kit will extremely useful for your subscriber.

Whiteboard Video Kit is Giant Bundle of  200+ SVG graphics, 100+ Photo Background, 47+ Video Motion Background and 100+ Music Background.
Each module has different 20 poses and emotions.

Whiteboard Video Kit is compatible with many video editors such as Video Maker FX, Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Camtasia Studio, and even PowerPoint and KeyNote!.

Our designer team have worked so hard to make Whiteboard Video Kit for your customers. Your customers will get the SVG, PNG and  AI files, all your customers need is just copy and paste to make their video Pro-Looking and Stands out from the crowd.

And the result? You’ll easily get the high conversion and bigger profits.

Explaindio Video Creator is a software that was created by the Explaindio team and Andriew . In the year 2014-2015, it has become the software best-selling on the internet, it is good review by many creator on the world, and it has sold more than + 1100 products in just 3 months.Thousands of video as a drawing board is created, hundreds of services appear on Fiverr. There were a lot of people use this software to make money with youtube or create video sales and now when version 1.0 is receive many positive review from the video creators, the Explaindio team continued launched version 2.0 with many attractive breakthrough.You can read my Explaindio Video Creator Review :

to find information detail

The Video GIF Mixer software allows to create large number of different looking video grams from the very same video.

That allows for large increase of video views, keeps video grams catchy in timelines, and increases sharing.

Video GIF Mixer technology also converts wanderers on social networks without video support, like Pinterest, and Tumblr to video viewers and action takers.

Video grams can drive viewers traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and most of other web sites.

With recomment above , I hope you can create a interesting video for your business, Thank you for reading . Goodbye

 This article is posted by Jame .He is a blogger and owner of Jame Review. He is an internet marketing USA