You will find that it is very difficult to find a good cold fusion web hosting provider as compared to others like PHP or ASP. In most of the circumstances you will find that cold fusion web hosting tends to be a bit more expensive. We are going to help you in making the correct choice in regard to choosing a cold fusion web hosing provider.

The first thing that you should find about your cold fusion web hosting is the version of cold fusion that is being used by the service provider. It is essential because if you have developed your site on some version and the cold fusion web hosting provider makes uses of some other version, you will find it very difficult to make changes to it and it would be foolish to build the entire site again.

Most of the cold fusion web hosting providers will not allow you to access CFREGISTRY, CFILE, CFDIRECTORY, CFAUTHENTICATE, CFEXECUTE, and any other tag that they feel as security threats. But if you wish to develop a file management system, you may need the access to CFFLE AND CFDIRECTORY. So, before choosing any particular cold fusion web hosting provider, you should verify that these features are not disabled.

The specialty of Cold fusion is in extending its custom tags. If your cold fusion web host does not allow you to use your own custom tags, you should avoid using that host. Even if you don’t use the custom tags at present, you may want to use them in the future and if at that time you find that your cold fusion web hosting provider does not allow you to use it, you will be in deep trouble. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You would also like to work with a cold fusion web hosting provider which has a team of professionals experienced in Cold Fusion. You would not like to work with novices. The problem with working with people who are not that much experienced working with cold fusion is that you will have to make much effort in making them understand even small details which should be understood without even the need of telling to pros.

What is the use of having a website if no one will visit it? Your site shoud definitely be search engine friendly. This can be achieved by setting up a Cold Fusion template as a 404 error handler and to write code in that file to send the user where they want to go. You should ask your Cold Fusion web hosting provider if you are allowed to do so. If you wish, we can give you some tip in this regard. If you find that the host is using the H-Sphere control panel, you won’t be able to set up the Cold Fusion 404 handlers in the right way.

These are a few technical details that you should look into before going for any Cold Fusion web hosting provider.

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