Saltwater and Freshwater Fly Fishing

Freshwater fly fishing is an angling method done in freshwaters like rivers,
streams, and lakes. There are more known freshwater fisheries than
saltwater, although saltwater fly fishing is popular today.
Many reservoirs especially around the American continent hold freshwater
trout and salmon like the Chatfield reservoir in the Denver metro area, the
Salt Creek in Portage, Indiana, the San Juan in New Mexico, and the Frying
Pan in Colorado.
Saltwater fly fishing, on the other hand, has expanded its popularity in recent
years. In saltwater coasts, a fly fisherman has to use a heavier line because
the water has a high buoyancy level. This is the reason why many fly fishers
believe that saltwater fly fishing is indeed more challenging than freshwater
fly fishing.
Some species of fish such as the bluefish, redfish, bonefish, tarpon, and
striped bass are popular in saltwater fly fishing.